We Make Data Do Business for You

Do let us monetize your data

We help you turn your data into cash with following services:

  • Data Strategy: Optimize Data Usage (Data Integration, KPIs)
  • Data-Driven Marketing: Personalize customer experience (Segmentation, Personalization, Loyalty)
  • Data-Driven Monetization: Create new revenue streams (Informational Products, Integration)
  • Business Intelligence: Visualize insights & Automate Reporting

Eventually – all these data driven activities turn to your profit increase.

360-degree integrated customer segmentation

Measurable sales and marketing strategy based on 360 degrees view on customer: relationship with your company & life out of your company.

Comprehensive & actionable insight into customer needs based on a client purchase transactions (online/offline), product usage, loyalty program data and customer research (both on client customers and overall market).


We do make results

  • Assortment strategy for increased revenue by at least 3% and
    margin by 0,5pp
  • 67% increased efficiency in e-commerce dispatch process
  • 4x conversion to purchase for recommended promotion
  • Significant savings in e-commerce with assortment reduction
  • 4 times higher conversion to action then any activity in the past
  • 60% higher email opening rate
  • Converting from declining market share to growing market share