A New World Of Shopper Behavior


Ever-increasing number of new brands and products – assortment breadth increase by up to 20% over the last 10 years.


2/3 still use spreadsheets for assortment planning.

McKinsey / BCG

The analysis allowed us for the first time to take detailed look at the needs of our customers and understand the role of our stores. Because of this project, we clustered stores and applied appropriate assortment far more precisely and becoming more relevant to our customers.

Nikola Kostoski

Management Board Member, Ahold Delhaize Serbia

Client: Global Fortune
Top 100, retailer

Challenge: Reduce and
optimize assortment for online

Solution: Through sophisticated optimization approach, DATA DO suggested significant assortment reduction (43%) with no loss in sales (due to properly calculated substitution effect).

Client: Global Fortune
Top 100, retailer

Challenge: Optimize
assortment in a Dark Store

Solution: DATA DO
optimized assortment for maximal coverage of majority of baskets.
Sales coverage is increased by 21% and basket coverage by 14% thus significantly
increasing picking efficiency.

Client: Global Fortune
Top 100, retailer

Challenge: Create meaningful
smart store clusters to improve

Solution: DATA DO created new multidimensional clusters to replace simplistic low dimensional clustering of stores. Unique approach is applied in merging first party, third party & open data. Data delivered on platform using geospatial visualizations.

SPECTRA platform is co-funded by Innovation Fund of Serbia, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and The World Bank