Change the Way Your Data Work for You


You have a bundle of data, but do not monetize them internally

With the Internet of things and robust CRM systems in companies, a lot of data is produced. Adding external data inflows such as media data, macro-economic data, historic market performance data and so on, we build mountains of data. We do find relevant paths through such mountains and define the KPIs which work for your company. Data Do experts focus on leveraging your data to improve your operations, productivity and/or products and services, allowing for continuous, personalized dialogs with customers. We help you learn more about your customers from the data you have already acquired and target clients through more personalized offers.
In simple words, we help you use data assets to create economic value.

You have lots of data and you wonder if you can sell it on data market

You see that some companies, competitors alike, have created new revenue streams by making data available to customers and partners. Data Do experts can help you discover what data can be sold on data market & pack them into information products.

Your marketing performance could be better

A big portion of your organization’s budget is spent on marketing activities such as advertising, media buying, direct marketing activities.
But what does actually work for your business?
Which activities are worth an investment increase?
Which segment is the growth key?
We dig through all your data on various platforms to answer your questions, using sophisticated clustering and attribution models.


You would like to outsource costly analytical functions

There are few data scientists and analysts available on the market, especially those with business understanding. You would like to reduce investment into this job position and use their skills when needed.
The size of your organization does not require full time resources in order to have insights and implement changes.
Data Do can be your outsourced data partner.