We Make Data Do Business for You

Do let us monetize your data

We help you turn your data into cash thorough Internal and External Monetization.

External Monetization

We do:

  • discover which of the data you have already collected can have value for third parties,
  • help you pack the information you possess into information products,
  • find & identify data buyers and sell data to third parties (by creating automatized data sales platforms).

Internal monetization

We do:

  • help you identify new revenue opportunities (products, markets or customer segments),
  • improve marketing impact through personalization,
  • minimize customer churn and extend customer retention,
  • discover revenue leaks and propose corrective measures.

Eventually – all these data driven activities turn to your profit increase.

Do outsource your data analytics to us

If your primary business is not data analytics, you can hire our data analysts or data strategists on an hour basis to fit your needs (as long as you need them). We can stay by your side to assist you get ready for the full time data analytics employees.

If you are a player with primary business in data analytics, we can take some data analytics processes from you, with the data analysts that fit your specific needs